Is Purple Shampoo Good for Gray Hair?

Is Purple Shampoo Good for Gray Hair?

When graying starts, the first thing is always to think on how to blend it in in your existing still healthy and strong hair strands. People look for all sorts of solution to handle their current change, including looking for the best purple shampoo for gray hair amongst other options.

Is Purple Shampoo Good for Gray Hair?

Purple shampoo contents

It is important to know what are the main contents of a product before you even buy it, so it is important to familiarize yourself with what you are about to spend money on. When you go shopping for the best purple shampoo for gray hair, you can take your time to read what is contained inside that container and how it is going to change or help your gray hair. Most purple shampoos contain the violet pigment which help in defusing the gray color and leaves the hair looking bright and lively.

One may need to mix the purple shampoo with regular moisturizing shampoo to that it cannot leave the hair dry. This will ensure that the hair remains shinny and easy to comb through without causing damage. There are other purple shampoos that contain synthetic ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate which may cause slight skin irritation to the user. If one opts to settle for purple shampoo that has this ingredient, it is advisable that they try it on a small part of the skin before applying it on the hair, just to be sure that it will not cause any problems while using it.

Is Purple Shampoo Good for Gray Hair?

Advantages of using purple shampoo for gray hair

There are many advantages why someone should go shopping for the best purple shampoo for gray hair, the main one is that the shampoo helps in neutralizing brassiness and help restore the healthy look to already weakening hair. The purple shampoo is known to be affordable as compared to those other shampoos especially those that have moisturizing agents, therefore making it easy to buy it for home use instead of visiting salon. The purple shampoo prevents yellowing not only in gray hair but also in bleached, blond or highlighted hair, therefore helping it to maintain its color for a longer period, and further improves hair strength and natural elasticity.

There are some purple shampoo for gray hair that has green tea extract and folic acid ingredients which aids hair growth and helps in leaving and maintaining the hair having a glossy shine. Some purple shampoo have the co-enzyme Q10 which helps in maintaining and protecting hair from fading and gives strength and thus protecting the hair from being damaged by styling tools including combs and hair brushes. Purple shampoo is good for gray hair because it helps it regain its strength especially when it is left to stay for at least three minutes before washing off.

Used only once or twice a week

It is important that even as you pick your best purple shampoo for gray hair, it does not replace regular shampoo and conditioning products. It is recommended that the purple shampoo is used only once or twice a week. The good thing is that this purple shampoo can be used on both wet and dry hair. If you do not want to wet your hair, you can simply apply the purple shampoo on your dry hair before you step into the bathroom. Leave it in for about twenty minutes before washing it off and use conditioner as usual and for better results one should use purple toning conditioner which also works very well with purple toning shampoo.

It is important to keep all the necessary hair products including moisturizers so that you can continue maintaining the strength and elasticity of the hair and keep it healthy and shiny. The purple shampoo helps fight damages caused by the tough UV rays from the sun, and also good for those who swim in chlorine treated water and other mineral impunities found in hard water, using purple shampoo will ensure that the hair remains protected at all times. It is a good product to keep if you are already experiencing challenges of gray hair.

Disadvantages of using purple shampoo on gray hair

There is always a pro and con for everything, and when it comes to the purple shampoo, things are not any different. No matter how carefully you chose the best purple shampoo for gray hair, there are a few pointers that are not so great when it comes to using the product. First of all, the purple shampoo is supposed to blend in with the gray hair leaving it with a shade of purple as indicated on the color wheel, but getting this to work out right may be a big challenge. Once the shampoo has been applied, when washed thoroughly all the purple color may wash out leaving the hair with no difference.

The purple color can also be too messy leaving your bathroom stained, your towels, your clothes and even your hands if you did not use gloves during the whole process. This may therefore be a challenge especially if you do not have the correct detergents to clear the mess. It is not easy to use at home since you probably would use it in excess and leave the hair looking more purple than intended. It does not specifically damage the hair but can leave it a little absorbent with a strange shade of purple color.


Using the best purple shampoo for gray hair has many advantages as compared to the disadvantages and it is therefore recommended for those who have accepted their gray hair and only want to make it look more modern and healthy. Using the purple shampoo on gray hair will improve and strengthen the weakening hair and it is therefore important that those who decide to use it learn how to use well for better results. It is an added advantage that the purple shampoo can be used even when one is still using other hair products such as the regular shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and many more.

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